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ACWSA Board Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2010


1.  Commander Bob Chabalowski called a meeting of the Wisconsin-Illinois ACWSA group shortly after the close of the skirmishes awards ceremony on Sunday, September 19, 2010, at the Conservation Club of Kenosha County (CCKC) in <= st1:place w:st=3D"on">Bristol, Wisconsin.  Roll call was taken:

        =     Board and Staff members present:  &nbs= p;

        =             =     Cmdr Bob Chabalowski

  = ;          Paymaster Darlene Van Kauwenbergh

        =             =     JAG Dan Graff

        =             =     Quartermaster Mary Borsic

        =     Team representatives present:    = ;     

        =             =     The Iron Brigade Guard (Lance Herdegen)

  = ;          1 USSS (Pat Kaboskey)

  = ;          2 WI (Gary Van Kauwenbergh)

  = ;          2 USSS (Steve Renner)

  = ;          6 WI (Bob Jaburek)

  = ;          8 WI (Dick Tessmann)

  = ;          15 WI (Stephen Sherry)

  = ;          56 VA (John Martin-Merhl)=

  = ;          66 NC (Bob Chabalowski)


2. Minutes: After Gary Van Kauwenbergh reported he reviewed the last meeting minutes, and no items needed follow-up, a motion was m= ade and carried to dispense with their reading.


3. 2010 Draft Schedule:  Gary Van Kauwenbergh passed out copies of the combined draft schedules of the ACWSA groups from WI & ILL, MI & OH, and the N-SSA’s Western and Northwest Regions.  Every hos= t from the ACWSA WI & IL area verified their date. 


Please be aware that all these dates are drafts!=   Other notes:


* The draft schedule is available for viewi= ng on the web at pdf 


* We are still hoping for an ACWSA Champion= ship in 2011, but because of their range requirements for artillery, it will ne= ed to one of their locations in MI/OH. 


        =     * The date of the February board meeting is fixed, but the location is not.<= span style=3D'mso-spacerun:yes'>  Bob Chabalowski will try to find a location more convenient for our MI/OH members.  Suggestions included the Wheaton, IL VFW, a motel at the LaPort, Indiana exit, the Kenosha County Conser= vation Clubhouse in Bristol, WI.&= nbsp; Stephen Sherry offered his home again. 


        =     * Two dates still need filling in for the ACWSA MI/OH group after they know = when their ranges are available.


        =     * The N-SSA 46th ILL skirmish moved to the weekend after Easter f= or 2011=


        =     * The 56th VA skirmish in July and the 15th WI skirmis= h in September both remain friendship skirmishes with the N-SSA. 



4. Awards:  Commander Chabalowsk= i asked that we think about discontinuing annual award plaques.  We will continue the discussion a= nd take a vote in February.     


        =     * Do we want to continue spending money to maintain the plaques?

        =     * If we stop the annual plaques, do we still want to keep annual statistics?=

        =     * Should we have an annual WI/IL championship match instead, just let each skirmish stand on it’s own?


5. Proposed Skirmish Rule Changes:  Commander Chabalowski asked everyone to review the proposed changes= to the skirmish rules between now and February. 


All recommendations for improvement need to be in writing, and in the form of = a proposal for voting.  It must quote th= e rule in question and include any replacement verbiage.  Sent your suggestions to Commander Chabalowski at or JAG Dan Graff = at kdgraff@m=


The proposed set of rules on the web site has had a number of typographical er= rors corrected, but none of the  suggestions receive to date have been incorporated into it.  The commanders’ intent is t= o bring every proposed improvement up one by one at the February meeting and vote = them either in or out quickly.  We= simply do not have enough time for lengthy debates, or flushing out new proposals= at that meeting.  Members with s= uggestions need to prepare and submit their proposals in time for circulation before = the meeting in February.  This in= cludes additions to the Approved Weapons List.  


6. Pat Kaboskey led the group with three “huzzahs” for Mary and D= ean Borsic’s continued = work to support our skirmishes with targeting and frames. Mary and Dean work at ev= ery skirmish, regardless whether their unit is hosting or not.


Pat also commended the 8th Wisconsin for their skirmish in Rhine= lander, and let everyone that didn’t make it know that they missed a great time. 


7. Lance Herdegen recommended we list all out 2011 events with the Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission and the Wisconsin Department of tourism.  Hopefully this will also add cred= ence to our upcoming 501(c)(3) application.


8. Pat Kaboskey also mentioned Boscobel Wisconsin’s Musket and Memories event coordinator Marie Leifheit<= /span> is interested having a nighttime artillery demonstration as part of their = event next August.   Pat will = keep us posted. 


9. A motion was made, and passed to adjourn the meeting.  The next board meeting will begin= at 9 a.m. on Sunday, February 13, 2011at a yet to be determined location.  &= nbsp;        


Humbly Submitted by,

Your Obedient Servant,


Gary Van Kauwenbergh