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40 Rounds Skirmish –April 26-27, 2013


 Draft until Approved by N-SSA Western Region Commander



40 Rounds Skirmish –April 26-27, 2013


 The 114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and the 2nd Wisconsin Infantry are proud to host a joint Western Region N-SSA and ACWSA  Skirmish at the Lefthanders Gun Club, 9364 Rhea Road, Loami, Illinois.  This is just a few miles west of Springfield.  Skirmishers approaching Springfield on I-55 will want to take the I-72/36 West exit on the south side of Springfield (Exit 92 A-B) and head west towards Jacksonville until you reach the Loami exit, then proceed west through the community of Curran and then a few miles further to the Loami/Bates Road.  Turn left (south) across the railroad tracks and then go another 3.5 miles to the village of Loami.  Follow the road around to the west side of Loami and turn right at the Shell station onto the West Loami Road.  In about 1.5 miles you welcome to a crossroads and will see a sign pointing south to the Lefthanders Gun Club.  Go south ¾ mile and turn left into the Lefthanders drive to the range.

We have always held this skirmish in August, and this is our first attempt at late April.  However, the hours of daylight are about the same, and motels will be much more available!

 And Speaking of Accommodations
Limited camping is available on the range for tents and smaller campers only.   While there is running water and flushers in the clubhouse adjacent to the range, we strongly suggest that you bring your own drinking water.

Breakfasts and a lunch will be available in the Clubhouse for those not wishing to cook. 

For those preferring to motel in Springfield, there is a sizable concentration of good motels and restaurants concentrated in and around the Parkway Pointe shopping center about 15 minutes from the Lefthanders by taking old Route 36 into Springfield.  Those coming from Chicago and going to motels in this area should take I-72 West, but should get off onto Route 4 North at Exit 93.  At the first stoplight, turn left into Parkway Pointe on Lindbergh.  Motels in Parkway Pointe include:

The Marriott Courtyard          217/793-5300

The Comfort Inn                    217/787-2250

The Sleep Inn                          217/787-6200

The Fairfield                          217/793-9277


To reach the range from these motels, simply go north on Route 4 to Wabash Avenue, turn left, and go west 8.1 miles to the Bates/Loami Road.  Turn left towards Loami and follow the directions given earlier.


Other Motels:  On I-55 south of the I-72 interchange at Toronto Road (I-55 Exit 90) you will also find the Baymont Inn (217/529-6655), Motel 6 (217/529-1633), and Ramada Limited South (217/529-1410).  The skirmish site is easily accessible from this area also by taking I-72 West.


Saturday Night  Steak Toss and Potluck


As always, we will fire up the big grill for steaks on Saturday night.  The hosts will provide baked potatoes and some salad.  Please bring your own steaks, brots, or whatever and participants are welcome to contribute some sort of dish, salad, or dessert to the potluck.  This is always lots of fun!


Long-range  Sharpshooter Event


We will once again conduct the long-range sharpshooter event on Saturday, shooting at a metal target.  Firing will take place from a split-rail fence on a shaded knoll at targets set 250 yards distant.  Shooters will have an opportunity to “find the range” (modern spotting scope may be used), and then shoot five shots for score.   A shooter may assume any position for firing, and may use any available rest of natural materials such as might be available to a sharpshooter on picket duty.  Any N-SSA approved firearm may be used for this event.  Other pre-1865 externally primed firearms suitable for sharpshooting duties may also be used with approval of the attending skirmish director. Entry for this special event is $3.00 and re-entries are $2.00.




Friday, April 26

Move in and set up any time after 1:00 pm.


Saturday, April 27 (Central Daylight Savings Time)

8:00  Range promptly opens for individual competitions.

12:00 All ranges closed for individuals.  Commander’s Meeting for Carbine and Smoothbore.

12:45 Company Carbine Competition

3:00  (Or Immediately following Carbine) Team Smoothbore.

3:00-7:00  Range open for Long-range match

7:00 to Whenever – Steak Toss, Potluck and Fellowship


Sunday, April 28 (Central Daylight Savings Time)

8:00   Commander’s Meeting for Musket.

8:30  Opening Ceremonies and  Musket Company Competition

 Immediately following the close of the Musket Company competition, companies will fall in for                 Awards Parade.







Company Matches


“40- Round” Medals will be awarded for the company matches (1st-3rd).  Please Note:  Musket and Carbine teams to consist of 5 shooters and Smoothbore teams to consist of 4 shooters!  Also- Club rules and both ACWSA and Western Region-N-SSA rules require eye protection and hearing protection on the shooting line.  You will not shoot without safety glasses and ear-plugs!


Carbine (50 yd)




Musket (50 yd)        

 5- man   

20 Clays on Backer

12 Clays on Backer (25)

20 Clays on Backer

10 4x4 Tiles (Knock down)

8 -4X4 Tiles (25)

10 4x4  Tiles (Knock down

10 -4”  Birds (Rolling Thunder)

8- Water filled cups (25)

10 -4”  Birds (Rolling Thunder)

10 – Pots (Knock down)

6  - 4- 6x6 tiles, 2-bottles(50)

10 – Pots (Knock down)

10- Mixed wood blocks & moskeets


10 – Mixed Awful Stuff (TBA)

  Company Match fees are as follows:    *Smoothbore, $20.00    *Carbine, $25.00    *Musket, $30.00


 Individual Competitions


The Western Region Classification System is an honor system and applies to musket and carbine only:  If you have shot scores of 44 or above in Regional competition or 88 or above in National competition, you should declare Class I.  Because this is a 50-yard range, “100 yard” events will be shot at 50 yards using special reduced size targets to simulate a 100-yard sight picture (these are the same as are used at the Deep South Region’s Eva, Tennessee shoot).  All events and re-entries are $1.00.


Individual Aggregate and Long-Range awards will be in the form of “40-Round Skirmish” medals.  All other individual awards will be in the form of ribbons.


Individual Events (1st-3rd)                  




100 yd. Musket, Class 1 and 2

50 yd. Musket, Class 1 and 2 

Smoothbore Agg


50 yd. Carbine, Class 1 and 2

50 yd. Breechloader

Breechloader Agg. 


100 yd. Carbine, Class 1 and 2

100 yd. Breechloader

Long-Range Sharpshooter


25 yd. Smoothbore

Musket Agg, Class 1 and 2



50 yd. Smoothbore

Carbine Agg., Class 1 and 2





















FOR FURTHER INFORMATION or ASSISTANCE CALL:  N-SSA Skirmish Director Jim Leinicke, 217/525-3725 or ACWSA Skirmish Director Bill Weedman, 217/793-5066, or E-mail Jim at usrifle1841@gmail.com