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Rebel Spy Belle Boyd in WI Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The famous (infamous?) Rebel spy Belle Boyd is buried in Wisconsin, just outside of what was then Killborne, but is now known as Wisconsin Dells. I’ve visited the grave site three times, and each time there have been fresh flags or flowers.  Pictured are grandchildren Ben and Leah Van Kauwenbergh. Belle [ » ]

Belted Roundball Gary Van Kauwenbergh

I recently found something very interesting related to the Civil War. I was working on material excavated on a farmstead just East of Springfield and looking at some ball found on the site. One looked unusual but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was but after I [ » ]

2d Wisconsin Gray Uniforms Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The Grey Uniforms of the 2d Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Gary Van Kauwenbergh Have you ever been asked what the gray uniforms worn by the 2d Wisconsin looked like?  The answer to that question depends on which gray uniform you’re talking about.  Some soldiers in the 2d Wisconsin could have worn [ » ]

TN Civil War Sights Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Click here for a travel log on Gary and Darlene Van Kauwenbergh’s trip to Forts Donalson and Pillow, Nashville and the battlefields at Shiloh and Corinth in November of 2015.