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ACWSA Members CW Ancestors Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Jan and Bren Buck’s (2WI) Great-great-great grandfather Private Amos Buck, a 36-year-old carpenter from Farmington, WI, enlisted as a musician in Company B, 36th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He served with the unit in the battles from Cold Harbor through the Siege of Petersburg, where he was wounded in action.  He [ » ]

2018 Milton, WI School Day Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Stephen Sherry, Al Borland and Gary Van Kauwenbergh hosted a station covering small arms use in the Civil War at the Second Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Association’s School Day on May 17, 2018 in Milton, Wisconsin.  About 2,000 students from the area schools attended.  There were over two dozen stations covering [ » ]

Isaac Earl & His Scouts Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The Notorious Isaac Earl and His Scouts, By Cordon L Olson Book report by Gary Van Kauwenbergh The Confederacy had Mosby’s Rangers, but the Union had Isaac Earl and His Scouts. Isaac Earl was a Wisconsin soldier who led a small group of hand-picked Union troops disrupting Confederate operations and illegal [ » ]

1st WI Gray Frock of Milton Ewen Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Research Notes Corporal Milton Ewen Frock Coat First Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry On Friday, March 24, 2006, Scott Frank, Marc Storch and Gary Van Kauwenbergh, met with Wisconsin Veterans Museum Curator of Collections Bill Brewster to examine the frock coat belonging to Corporal Milton Ewen of the First Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. [ » ]

There Stands “Old Rock” – Book Review Gary Van Kauwenbergh

There Stands “Old Rock”, by Thomas Walterman A Book Review by Gary Van Kauwenbergh There Stands “Old Rock” chronicles the Civil War from the perspective of Rock County residents. With a hefty $45 price tag, I was skeptical about buying the book, but after hearing Mr. Walterman deliver a dynamic [ » ]

Sham Battles Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Sham Battles – Gary Van Kauwenbergh Private James Northup of Co. H, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry wrote home, on 12/16/1861, that they’d been having division-sized sham battles every few days. Sham battles were apparently common when the war first started. In his recently published journal, “Eye of the Storm”, Private Robert Knox [ » ]

Joseph Bailey Book Review Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Hero of the Red River – The Life and Times of Joseph Bailey, by Michael J. Goc A Book Review by Gary Van Kauwenbergh The story of Bailey building a dam to save the Union fleet trapped by low water during the Red River Campaign ranks right up there with [ » ]

“Drifting to an Unknown Future” – Book Review Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Book review by Gary Van Kauwenbergh “Drifting to an Unknown Future” is a small paperback book of 100 pages that contains the Civil War letters sent home by James and Samuel Northup of Lodi, Wisconsin. It’s edited by Robert C. Steensma, and published by the Center for Western Studies. James, [ » ]