2017 Civil War Expo Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Stephen Sherry and Dan Christensen of the 15th Wisconsin ‘Bear Hunters’ hosted the ACWSA table at the 2017 Civil War Expo at the museum in Kenosha, WI on March 11, 2017.  Visiting the table were Generals Grant, Sherman and Sheridan.  The Old Soldier Fiddlers also performed their ‘All Wisconsin’ show [ » ]

2016 15WI Skirmish Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Photos from the September 2016 skirmish at Bristol, WI hosted by the 15th WI, courtesy of photographer Pam Kirk.

2016 15WI Skirmish Pix

Ashippun School Day Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Pat Kaboskey, Les Knutsen and Gene Hass of the 1st USSS supported a school day and public display in Ashippun, WI on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1

2016 Rhinelander Skirmish Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Photos from the September 2-4, 2016 skirmish hosted by the 8th & 6th Wisconsin Regiments.  Photos courtesy of Stephen Sherry and Pam Kirk.

2016 Rhinelander Skirmish Pix

WI Vets Museum Tour Gary Van Kauwenbergh

A small group of ACWSA members were treated to a special tour of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum holdings with Curator Kevin Hampton on June 19, 2016.  Only about 3% of the museums holdings are on display at any one time.  Pictured items include the vest and handkerchief 2nd Wisconsin Commander [ » ]

2016 ACWSA Nationals-Stats/Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The American Civil War Shooting Assn. (ACWSA) successfully held its first National Skirmish on June 10-12, 2016, at the Chief Wa-Ke’-De range near Bristol, Indiana. 10 of the 17 association’s units fielded of 14 musket, 15 carbine, 8 revolver, 11 smoothbore and 5 breechloader teams.  17 members participated in the [ » ]

8th Wisconsin 2016 Outreach Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The 8th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment reached out four time this Spring with three school visits at Eagle River, Wausau West, and Appleton Elementary, along with a Memorial Day appearance at Harshaw Cemetery.  Thank you Pam Kirk for the photos.  Well done 8th!

8th Wisconsin 2016 Outreach Pix

2016-Q1 Amazon Smile Donation Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The ACWSA just received another $22.90 donation from the AmazonSmile Foundation for purchases made between the beginning of January and end of March 2016.  Donations for the entire year of 2015 totaled $44.80, so obviously more ACWSA members are using the program.  Thanks to everyone who’s participating! AmazonSmile donates ½% [ » ]

David Gramling Obituary Gary Van Kauwenbergh

David Gramling, alumni member of the ACWSA, and 6th Wisconsin ‘pard’ in both the N-SSA and ACWSA for many years passed on Monday, May 15, 2016.  Click here for a copy of his obituary.