2016 ACWSA Nationals-Stats/Pix

The American Civil War Shooting Assn. (ACWSA) successfully held its first National Skirmish on June 10-12, 2016, at the Chief Wa-Ke’-De range near Bristol, Indiana. 10 of the 17 association’s units fielded of 14 musket, 15 carbine, 8 revolver, 11 smoothbore and 5 breechloader teams.  17 members participated in the individual competition on Friday.

Special thanks go to:
Skirmish Directors:          Bob Chabalowski (replaced by Ken Mifflin) and Mike Zandarski.
Nationals Committee:    Bob Chabalowski, Norm Gibson, Paul Lipka, Gary Van Kauwenbergh, Mike Zandarski
Logistics & Trailer towers: Norm Gibson & John Mark
Food Preparation:          Wendy Mifflin
Hands-on-History:          Gene Hass
Scoring and Stats:          Bob Hubbard, Darlene Van Kauwenbergh and Ken Mifflin
Public Relations:             Bob Miller
Awards:                           Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Click Here to see local news coverage of the event.

Click on the links below to see the competiton results:
Musket Team

Carbine Team

Revolver Team

Smoothbore Team

Breechloader Team