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Isaac Earl & His Scouts Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The Notorious Isaac Earl and His Scouts, By Cordon L Olson Book report by Gary Van Kauwenbergh The Confederacy had Mosby’s Rangers, but the Union had Isaac Earl and His Scouts. Isaac Earl was a Wisconsin soldier who led a small group of hand-picked Union troops disrupting Confederate operations and illegal [ » ]

There Stands “Old Rock” – Book Review Gary Van Kauwenbergh

There Stands “Old Rock”, by Thomas Walterman A Book Review by Gary Van Kauwenbergh There Stands “Old Rock” chronicles the Civil War from the perspective of Rock County residents. With a hefty $45 price tag, I was skeptical about buying the book, but after hearing Mr. Walterman deliver a dynamic [ » ]

“Drifting to an Unknown Future” – Book Review Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Book review by Gary Van Kauwenbergh “Drifting to an Unknown Future” is a small paperback book of 100 pages that contains the Civil War letters sent home by James and Samuel Northup of Lodi, Wisconsin. It’s edited by Robert C. Steensma, and published by the Center for Western Studies. James, [ » ]

“Confederates in the Attic” – Book Review Gary Van Kauwenbergh

“Confederates in the Attic”, by Tony Horwitz, published by Random House, Inc. Book Review by Gary Van Kauwenbergh If you want to take a break from reading history, but still want to read about the Civil War, this book is a hoot. This book does have a smattering of history [ » ]

“If This is War” – Book Notes Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Notes from “If This Is War” Gary Van Kauwenbergh I recently reread Alan Gaff’s book, “If This Is War”, and thought I’d share the notes I made on some items I thought were interesting. When reading the notes, bear in mind this book only covers the period of time when [ » ]