Click the link of the videos you’d like to see:

  1. Skirmish action at Bristol, WI circa 2008
  2. Bristol, WI skirmish, 2009
  3. Michigan Region Recruiting video
  4. News coverage of the 2016 ACWSA Nationals in Bristol, IN
  5. Pat Kaboskey’s Gatling Gun versus a squad of muskets
  6. Using the Hack-o-Mataic jig for bending metal target hanging wires
  7. Old Soldier Fiddlers Videos from the Kenosha Civil War Museum
    1. 2017 – All Wisconsin Show
    2. 2016 – The tale of Bailey’s Dam and a special finale by Ben Van Kauwenbergh
    3. 2015 – Special Iron Brigade Song, The Conquered Banner, and the Battle of the Bands at Petersburg
    4. 2014 – Featuring ethnic music from Wisconsin & the story of Camp Chase, Ohio
    5. 2011 – First performance of the Old Soldier Fiddlers