Insurance Explanation

There are many types of insurance policies.  The ACWSA has always had a general liability policy.  All nonprofit organizations should purchase general liability insurance.

General liability policies cover against claims made against the organization by third parties for bodily injury and property damage occurring during our operations.  It does not pay-out to the members, but rather protects the organization and its members from non-members suing us.  To cover the membership against accidents, you would need additional, different types of policies.

I think we’re all more familiar with auto insurance, so I’m going to make an analogy here.  If this were automobile insurance, it would be a liability-only policy, NOT full coverage.  If you have an accident with a liability-only automobile policy, the insurance company only pays the other person – not you.   It does NOT have any coverage for members like health insurance, nor property coverage like a homeowner’s policy.