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Jan and Bren Buck’s (2WI) Great-great-great grandfather Private Amos Buck, a 36-year-old carpenter from Farmington, WI, enlisted as a musician in Company B, 36th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. He served with the unit in the battles from Cold Harbor through the Siege of Petersburg, where he was wounded in action.  He mustered out in May 10, 1865.
        Jan’s Great-great grandfather, Orville M. Buck, a 17-year-old farmer also from Farmington, WI, enlisted as a Private in Company C, 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery.  After mustering at Camp Washburn, the unit transferred to Chattanooga, TN then fought in the Battle of Missionary Ridge.  He mustered out in Nashville in September 1865.

John Mann’s (8AR) Great Grandfather Robert H. Mann in August 1862 at age 33 enlisted as a Private in Company F, 111th Ohio Infantry.  Serving under General Thomas, he fought in the battle of Franklin TN pouring enfilading fire into Confederates who had broken through the lines. He mustered out with the regiment in June 1865, died in September 1893 and is buried in Forest Home Cemetery, Hicksville, OH.
     Robert H. Mann’s adopted daughter, Elizabeth Davidson, married James Henry Winters, in October 1861 at age 28 enlisted as a private in Company H, 13th Michigan Infantry, rising to the rank of Quartermaster Sergeant. He was discharged due to disability, but reenlisted into Company E 13th Michigan Infantry in January 1864 as a private – again ring to the rank of Sergeant before mustering out at Detroit in June 1865.
     Robert’s 5th child, Robert E. Mann, married Nora Annette Presler who was the daughter of Jacob Presler.  In August 1862 at age 17 Jacob enlisted as a Private in Company H, 88th Indiana Infantry. He served under General Sherman throughout the campaign for Atlanta and Savannah, GA, north to Bentonville, NC and took part in the Grand Parade in Washington D.C. He mustered in June 1865 at Washington, D.C. Jacob died in April 1925 and is buried in Forest Home Cemetery in Hicksville, OH
     Two of Jacob’s brothers, Simon and Samuel Presler enlisted in the 21st Ohio Infantry as privates. Simon enlisted at age 18 as a private in September 1862. The 21st fought at the Battle of Chickamauga guarding General Thomas’ headquarters which was overrun by the Confederates, killing, wounding or capturing around 75% of the 21st Regiment. Simon was one of the few who escaped. Simon’s luck ran out in March 1864 when he was shot in the chest by another union soldier coming off picket duty near Rasaca, GA.  He died at the Military Hospital in Chattanooga. According to his military records he was buried in Marietta, GA, but there is a headstone in the Big Lick Township Cemetery, Hancock County, OH for him. It is unknown whether his body was brought home after the war or still rests in Marietta.  Samuel enlisted 29 September 1862 at age 26. He died of disease 22 December 1862 and is buried in the Nashville National Cemetery. Samuel’s widow married Nathaniel Fife who served as a Corporal in the 144th Ohio Infantry.
     Another Presler sister, Phoebe married John Banks Moore who was killed while serving alongside Simon and Samuel Presler in Company K 21st Ohio. She then married John Aldrich who enlisted in the 87th Indiana Infantry. After his death she married Thomas Raplee who served in Company B, 148th New York Infantry. Her final marriage was to another Veteran of the Civil War, John Street who enlisted in Company I, the 6th Michigan Heavy Artillery.
     Another Presler brother, George Washington in June 1864 at age 18 enlisted as a Private in the Company G, 178 Ohio Infantry. He survived the war and moved to Emerson Township, MI. He died in February 1828 and is buried in the Emerson Cemetery.
     A sister, Catherine Presler married Abraham Harshberger who at the age of 30 was drafted into the Company C, 47th Ohio Infantry in October of 1864.  After the war they moved to Quimby, MI where he died 5 April 1904. He is buried in Striker Cemetery.
     Robert H. Mann’s eldest brother, Thomas moved from Ohio to the Savannah, MO in the early 1840’s. A daughter, Mary Ann married Seneca Reeder who enlisted 18 July 1863 in the Company D, 4th Independent Ohio Cavalry, for 6 months. He then reenlisted in the Company G, 41st Ohio Infantry in  Oct 1864 and was mustered out September 1865 at St. Louis, MO.
     Another daughter, Josephine married James Riley Bazzill who in April 1862 at the age of 16, enlisted in the Company D, 4th Missouri State Militia Cavalry (Union) as a Private. He was mustered out 3 April 1865.
Great Grand Uncle (mother’s side) David Duncan enlisted as a Private in Company A, 23rd Michigan Infantry, 6 August 1862. He was mustered out with the regiment at Salisbury, NC in June 1865. David was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada with his parents and family and then settled in Gratiot Co., MI in 1860. He died 10 March 1918 and is buried in West Washington Cemetery, in Gratiot County.

Darst,WmBandJohnWJim Leinicke’s (2WI) Great-great Grandfather, DarstTomMajor Thomas Welch Darst (picture on right) from Pulaski, Virginia was a major in the Virginia Militia at the start of the war and served the Confederate government in a civil capacity until 1864 when he enlisted as a private in the 4th Virginia Reserve Regiment to defend the Shenandoah Valley against General Sheridan.  He survived the war, but his two sons were not so lucky.
Jack and Willie Darst (left photo), Jim’s great-great-uncles, served with Company C (Pulaski Guards) of the 4th Virginia Infantry of the Stonewall Brigade.  Willie died of disease while caring for a mortally wounded cousin after 1st Manassas.  Jack died of wounds from artillery shrapnel received at Brawner’s Farm.
My mother’s family always was pretty much die-hard Confederate, but now I find that there was a yankee in the woodpile.  I came across this tintype of one of my great-great granfathers, Cpl. Thomas Jefferson Davis.  He was a music teacher by trade, and dabbled also in Ohio politics as a Republican.  In 1864, he enlisted as a musician with the 136th OVI at the age of 40.  He died in 1908.  His neighbors were named Harding and one of their sons, Warren by name, was my great -grandfather’s best friend in his younger years.  Waren Harding became president, as you know.


Dick Hanson (our member from Havre, Montana) says: “My grandmother was 102 years old when she passed away and in her later years, she always talked about being a little girl in Kansas and riding on the mail wagon with her disabled grandfather.  He was always on crutches and his right leg was swollen twice its normal size, so his job was just to drive the wagon once it was loaded, from one rail head to another.
     His name was Robert B. Fielding and he enlisted in Indianapolis, Indiana, on July 16, 1861. He was in Company F 11th Indiana Infantry.  On the 16th of May, 1863, he suffered a gunshot wound at the Battle of Champion Hill.  He was shot in the upper right leg/groin area.  He was taken prisoner on the field by the Confederates and was exchanged not long after.  He was in a hospital in Memphis, TN, from June 30, 1863, to October 31, 1863.  He was discharged, disabled, in March of 1864.  He died Nov. 4, 1908. 
     I am very fortunate in knowing the above facts, because my grandmother had saved several documents, such as enlistment papers, and documents issued by the Dept. of Interior Bureau of Pensions, etc.  It is somewhat interesting in how much paperwork was involved to get his $8.00/month.  Also, every 10 years he had to have an Army surgeon issue a Examining Surgeon’s Certificate and over the years, they all indicated the same thing – that the bullet was still lodged in his hip joint, that he suffered from a weeping wound, and an extremely swollen right leg.  As all my ancestors were born after his disability and discharge from the Army, I feel very fortunate to even be here!
     As in most families, my grandfather’s grandfather was from Tennessee and both him and his brother were enlisted in the 19th Tennessee Infantry, Company G.”


Guy BrandGoldieWmCPTe’s Great-great-grandfather CPT William Goldie in the 1st Brigade horse artillery as a Quarter master.   His pictured on the far left in the picture at the left.  He was in the 56th Illinois but when disbanded he got into the Artillery unit. After the war he was brevetted as a Major then a Lt Col.





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john bortles

Al Bortles’s (2WI) Great Uncle John Bortles was 21 in August of 1861 when he enlisted as a Private in Company H, 83rdPennsylvania Infantry Regiment.  He was a First Sergeant when mustered out in September of 1864.

Al also has Civil War history on the Bartlett side of his
family, Major General William Francis Bartlett, whose story was made into a movie titled “Shot to Pieces – The Man That No Bullet Could Kill”


Nate Brown’s (2WI) ancestor PVT Silas J. Matthews served in Company K, 16th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. Residence, Bristol, Connecticut; Enlisted July 22, 1862; Mustered August 24, 1862; Captured at Plymouth, NC, April 20, 1864; Died in prison, Andersonville, GA, September 9, 1864.

Dan Johnson’s (2USSS) Great-great grandfather PVT George Washington Griffin served in Company H, 104th IllinoisGriffinGeoW Infantry Regiment. He’s pictured seated at the lower right in this photo of his GAR post.  A detailed unit history of the 104th Illinois can be found here:

Tom Brown’s (56VA) grandfather twice removed, George W. Wilcox joined Co. F, 10th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry on September 10, 1861 and mustered out on October 7, 1864. Tom’s uncle twice removed, Stephen E. Wilcox joined Company F, 10th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry on October 8, 1861, mustered out and re-enlisted on January 1, 1864. He was mustered out of service August 25, 1865. Tom’s cousin twice-removed, Cadmus M. Wilcox was in the West Point class of 1846. His father was born in Connecticut and moved to North Carolina, where Cadmus Wilcox was born. His parents moved to Tipton Co. Tennessee. Upon learning that Tennessee had left the Union, He resigned His Commission and reported to Richmond Va. He was given command of the 9th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He ended the war with the rank of Major General.

Jan Buck’s (2WI) Great-great-grandfather, PVT Orville Buck enlisted in Battery C, 1st WI Heavy Artillery in September of 1863.  Battery C was mustered into the service in October 1863, at Camp Washburn, Milwaukee, WI, and left the state on October 30, proceeding at once to Chattanooga, where it remained until March 1865. After several transfers the battery was located at Nashville, TN, where on September 21st it was mustered out.  Upon returning to Madison, WI, it disbanded.

Pat McGee’s  (56VA) Great-great Grandfather CPT John Wesley McGee served in the 60th Georgia Infantry, part of Stonewall Jackson’s “Foot Cavalry”, and was wounded three times – the last time at Fredricksburg.  John’s son (Pat’s Great Grandfather) PVT John Wesley McGee was in the 12th Illinois Infantry and survived the “Hornets Nest” at Shiloh. Both survived the War.  Truly an example of Father against Son.

Gary Van Kauwenbergh’s (2WI) great-great-great granduncles PVT George Kreischer, CPL Hubert Kreischer, PVT John P. Kreischer and 1st cousin 4-times removed Herman Kreischer all served with Company F, 50th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment.  The 50th Regiment organized at Madison in 1865, and were sent to Benton Barracks in St. Louis, Mo, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and then onto Fort Rice, Dakota Territory, where they relieved the ‘galvanized Yankee’ units made from the Confederate prisoners who took the oath at Rock Island, Illinois.

Mike Young’s (2WI) great-great-grandfather (and son Dan’s (2WI) g-g-g-grandfather) CPL Ferdinand Junge served with Co B, 9th WI from Oct 1861-Jan 1866 at Ft. Leavenworth KS, and marched through Missouri and Arkansas.  About a decade after the war he Americanized his German last name to Young.  He and his wife operated a bakery in downtown Manitowoc WI, and is buried at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee in the family plot with a GAR marker.

    Ken Mifflin (66NC) sent in a list of 32 relatives, and says he could send more!
1. PVT James Oud Mifflin (Great grand uncle) – Co. C, 18th Illinois Infantry Regiment (Aug 1862) (USA), Pvt., Co A, 18th Illinois Infantry Regiment (Sep 1862) (USA). Enlisted 9 Sept 1862.  Mustered out 8 July 1865. Engagements: Fort Henry, Fort Doneison, Shiloh, Corinth.  Grant’s Central Mississippi Campaign, Opn’s against Gen. Forest in West Tennessee, Little Rock, Ark., Pine Bluff Ark.
2. PVT John Mifflin (3rd Cousin, 2x Removed), Battery F, Illinois Light Artillery (USA), Enlisted 11 Dec 1861.  Mustered  out  14 Dec 1864.  Was assigned duty in the District of Southeast Missouri.
3. PVT Henry R Mifflin (5th Cousin, 2x Removed) – Co A, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (USA)
4. PVT Henry James Mifflin (4th Cousin, 3x Removed) –  Sgt, 1st Sgt. Co K, 36th, Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment ( 7th Pennsylvania Reserve) (USA).  Enlisted 4 Jun 1861, Promoted to Full Sergeant.  Promoted to Full 1st Sgt.  WIA during Peninsula Campaign and mustered out 19 Jul 1862.
5. Hospital Steward Henry J Mifflin (5th Cousin, 2x Removed) – Co. S, 103rd Illinois Infantry Regiment (USA) Enlisted 2 Oct 1862.  Mustered out 8 Jun 1863.  Engagements: Siege of Vicksburg, Chattanooga Campaign, Kennesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, March to the sea, Griswoldville, Carolinas Campaign.
6. PVT Alexander Stewart Mifflin (5th Cousin, 2x Removed) – Co I, 195th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment (USA). Enlisted 21 Aug 1861. Were uniformed as “Zouaves” and received Austrian-Lorenz Rifles, later Model 1861 Springfield’s were issued.  Assigned to the “Army of the Potomac”
7. PVT Albert C Mifflin (5th Cousin, 2x Removed) – Co. I, 9th New Jersey Infantry Regiment (USA) (also called Jersey Muskrats).  Enlisted 8 Oct 1861.  Mustered out , 12 Jul 1865 at Greensboro, NC.  Engagements: Roanoke Island, New Bern, Fort Macon, Deep Creek, Kinston, Walthall, Drewry’s Bluff, Cold Harbor, siege of Petersburg, Wyse Fork, garrison duty at Goldsboro, NC.
8. PVT John C Mifflin (1st Cousin, 3x Removed), Co. C, 3rd Kentucky Mounted Infantry Regiment (CSA). Enlisted July 1861, Surrendered on May 6, 1865 at Columbus, Mississippi.  Unit was assigned to Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and followed Forrest on foot.  Engagements: Shiloh, Paducah, Raymond, Brice’s Crossroads, and Battle of Franklin.
9. PVT John Stewart Mifflin (1st Cousin, 3x Removed) – Co C, 9th Illinois Infantry Regiment (USA). Enlisted 4 Nov 1862 Co. E, Transferred to Co. C on 21 Jul 1864. KIA at Milledgeville, Ga. 23 Nov 1864. Engagements: Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Second Battle of Corinth.  Was change to the 9th Illinois Mounted Infantry on March 15, 1863.
10. John Henry Mifflin (4th Cousin, 1x Removed) – Co. G, 29th Missouri Infantry Regiment (USA). Enlisted  Dec 1861. Mustered  out Nov 1864.  Engagements:  New Madrid, Island 10, Corinth, Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Ringgold, With on March to the Sea and Savannah.  Surrender of Gen. Johnston and his Army.
11. CPL John Mifflin (3rd Cousin 2x Removed) – Capt Burker’s  Co A, 1st Bn Fremont Rangers (Home Guard), Enlisted 1861 as Corporal, Mustered out as Corporal 1864.
12. PVT George Kellems (2nd Cousin 4x Removed) – Co. I, 136th Infantry Regiment on 23 May 1864. Mustered out 2 Sept 1864.  136th was part of Indiana’s quota of 100 Day Troops and Served as Garrisoning & Railroad Guards in the west.
13. Asa  Kellems  (3rd Great Grandfather) – Enlisted in Co. G. 81th Indiana Infantry Regiment. WIA at Stone’s River and Die at Murfreesboro, Tn. 24 March 1863.  Engagements: Perryville, Murfreesboro and Stone’s River.
14. PVT John Oliver (2nd Great Grand Uncle) – Co A, 5th Kentucky Mounted Infantry (CSA) Oct 1861, Surrendered on May 7, 1865 at Washington, Georgia.  Engagements: Ivy Mountain, Middle Creek, Princeton, Chickamauga, Atlanta Campaign, Ringgold Gap, Resaca, Dallas, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Sherman’s March to the sea
15. PVT George Washington Kellems (2nd Cousin 4x Removed) – Co I, 38th Indiana Infantry Regiment Sept 1861.  Mustered out at Louisville, Ky 1865 in June after the Grand Review of the Armies May 24.  Engagements:  Perryville, Stones River, Tullahoma Campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga Campaign, Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta Campaign, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Sherman’s March to the Sea, Carolinas campaign, Bentonville and Surrender of Johnston and his Army.
16. PVT Lewis Anthony Hollis (1st Cousin, 4x Removed) – Co K, 23rd Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted on Jul 1861, Mustered out July 23, 1865. Older brother of Richard T Hollis.
17. Wagon Master Richard T Hollis (1st Cousin, 4x Removed) – Co. F&S, 23rd Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted on July 1861. Mustered out July 1865. Younger brother of Lewis Anthony Hollis.
18. PVT James F Bryant (2nd Cousin, 2x Removed) – Co. H, 23rd Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted July 1861, Mustered out July 23, 1865.
19. PVT David H Johnson (1st Cousin 3x Removed) –Co I, 23rd Indiana Infantry Regiment.    Enlisted on 27 Jul 1861. Mustered out 16 Aug 1865.  Engagements: Fort Henry, Shiloh, Siege at Corinth, Vicksburg, Pursued Hood through Albania & Georgia, Savannah, Campaign of the Carolinas.
20. PVT Phillip A Hollis (1st Cousin, 4x Removed) – Co. H, 20th Kentucky Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted Jan 6 1862. Mustered out Jan 1865.  Engagements: Shiloh, Corinth, Perryville, Dallas, New Hope Church, Allatatoona, Kennesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta.
21. SGT James M Hollis (1st Cousin, 3x Remover) – Co E, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment (USA). Enlisted Oct 1863 Mustered out April 1865. Attempted to run Forrest down, on railroad duty.
22. PVT George W Hollis (1st Cousin, 4x Removed) – (1st Enlistment) Co. G, 16th Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted 6 Sept 1861. Mustered out 23 May 1862.  Engagements: Richmond, Yazoo Pass Expedition, Chickasaw Bayou, Chickasaw Bluff, Arkansas Post, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, Siege of Vicksburg. (2nd Enlistment) 1SG/ CPT, Co. A, 123rd Indiana Infantry Regiment. Enlisted 18 Nov 1863, Promoted to Full Captain 29 Feb 1864. Mustered out 25 Aug 1865 at Raleigh, NC.  Engagements: Kennesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta, Nashville, Moved to Alexandria, Virginia & sailed for the Cape Fear River, NC,  Wise Forks, Meet Sherman’s Army at Kinston and Goldsboro, NC.
23. PVT John Hollis (2nd Cousin, 2x Removed) – Co. A, 13th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. Enlisted June 4, 1861, Paroled at Greensboro, NC.  Engagements:  Belmont, Missouri, Corinth, Shiloh, Richmond, KY, Perryville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga,  Missionary Ridge,  Retreat to Atlanta, Surrender of Gen. Joseph E. Johnston.
24. Pvt., George W Hollis (2nd Cousin, 3x removed) – Co. H, 47th Alabama infantry Regiment.  Enlisted May 1862, Paroled
at Appomattox, Va.  Engagements; Cedar Run, Second Manassas, Chantilly, Capture of Harper’s Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Petersburg, Appomattox.
25. COL James M Oliver (2nd Cousin, 3x removed) – CPT, Co. K, 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Enlisted May 1862. Paroled at Appomattox. Promoted to COL Of the 47th.  Engagements; Cedar Run, Second Manassas, Chantilly, Capture of Harper’s Ferry, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Suffolk, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Petersburg, Appomattox.
26. PVT George Washington Hollis (1st Cousin 4x Removed)
27. PVT Tillman Hollis (1st Cousin 4x Removed) – Co. C, 49th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Nov 1861. Mustered out 29 Nov 1864.  Engagements: Yazoo Pass Expedition, Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, Port Gibson, Champion Hill, Big black River Bridge, Siege of Vicksburg, Red River campaign.
28. ADJUTANT Thomas E Johnson (Great grand Uncle) – F&S, 140th Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted on Sept 1864.  Mustered out July 1865.
29. PVT James Bryant (1st Cousin 4x Removed) – Co K, 140th Indiana Infantry Regiment. Enlisted Sept 1864. Mustered out July 1865.  Engagements: Murfreesboro, Moved via Washington, Wilmington, N.C., Fort Anderson, placed on commissary train guard duty at Goldsboro & Morehead city.
30. PVT Samuel H Johnson (1st Cousin 3x Removed) – Co. A, 1st Indiana Cavalry Regiment.  Enlisted 16 Oct 1863. Mustered out 22 Jun 1865.
31. PVT George Johnson (2nd Cousin 4x Removed) – Co. H, 1st Indiana cavalry regiment.  Enlisted Oct 1863. Mustered out 22 June 1865. Engagements: Black River, Round Hill, AK.
32. PVT John L Johnson (Great grand Uncle) – Co. G, 79th Indiana Infantry Regiment.  Enlisted 13 Aug 1862. Mustered out 7 June 1865.  Engagements: Perryville, Stones River, Tullahoma Campaign, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta Campaign, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, Siege of Atlanta, Jonesboro, Second battle of Franklin, Nashville.