Shooters Notebook

Bullet Casting Links:
From Ingot to Target: A Cast Bullet Guide for Handgunners(c)

M1854 Lorenz Manual Translation: “Das kaiserlich ˶ königliche österreichische Infanterie – Feuergewehr. Auf die hohen Vorschriften basirt und zum Gebrauche für den Officeier”,

A Beginner’s Guide to Single Shot Smoothbore Pistols by Jim Leinicke

Pistol Shooters “Wheel of Misfortune”

Pistol Shooting: US Army Marksmanship Training Guide

Brownell’s Sight Correction Calculator

Gary Van Kauwenbergh’s Notes:
44-40 Loads
.515 Cal Smith Loads
.54 Cal Lorenz Loads
.69 Cal Harpers Ferry Loads
Parker Hale Muzzle Velocities

Dave France Articles:
Modifying Musket & Carbine Locks for NSSA Competition
Flinching & Jerking
Note: Neither the Greenhill formula or Miller Rule are used for calculating twists for barrels using Minie balls!
Estimating Rifle Twists, The Greenhill formula:
Estimating Rifle Twists, The Miller Rule:
Miller Rule Excel Spreadsheet:

Disassembling your Henry and other information

Deciphering the markings on your reproduction guns

Lube: See Los Angeles Silhouette Club

Homemade Firearm Cleaners & Lubricants

Mobil 1 Lube

  • 7 parts beeswax
  • 3 parts anhydrous lanolin
  • 3 parts Mobil 1 motor oil


  • 60% Beeswax
  • 40% Mobil 1 motor oil

Murphy’s Oil Soap Solvent Recipe.  Equal portions of:

  • Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Moose Milk Recipe:
2 oz. Peroxide
1 oz. Water soluble oil (Napa Auto Parts store part number is 765-1526 for 1 pint)
1 oz. Lestoil
16 oz. tap water bottle