Rest in Peace Founding Father Connor Ahrens

In 1999, Gary co-founded the American Civil War Shooting Association (ACWSA). He was a passionate and dedicated member, showcasing his pride in representing the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry at many skirmishes. However, due to the pandemic and health concerns, Gary had to step back from active participation. Nevertheless, his passion [ » ]

2024 Appleton Skirmish – Hosted by 66th NC Connor Ahrens

Though the weekend started out rather damp, it did not deter the men and women of the Union and Confederate forces from skirmishing at the Twin City Rod & Gun Club Inc.  Through on and off rain the troops continued to pour lead into the targets of the Neenah gun [ » ]

2022 Appleton Skirmish Stats Gary Van Kauwenbergh

June 4-5, 2022 Appleton Skirmish Results Breechloader Team  1st: 15WI  2nd: 2WI  3rd: 66NCSmoothbore team  1st: 56VA  2nd: 66NC  3rd: 2WI  4th: 15WI  5th: 1USSS  6th: Btry H  7th: 56VA B team Carbine team  1st: 1USSS  2nd: 15WI  3rd: Btry H  4th: 66NC  5th: 2WI  6th: 56VA Musket Team  1st: 2WI  2nd: 1USSS  3rd: ?  4th: ?  5th: ?  6th: ?  

2022 Springfield Skirmish Stats Gary Van Kauwenbergh

April 22-24, 2022 Springfield, IL Skirmish Results SMOOTHBORE TEAM  1st:   66th NC:  505.2 sec  2nd:  56th VA:  834.0 sec  3rd:   2nd WI:   840.0 sec  4th:   46th IL:    894.2 sec  5th:   114th IL:  970.0 sec CARBINE TEAM  1st:   66th NC:  864.4 sec  2nd:  46th IL:   1003.1 sec  3rd:   2nd WI:   1145.6 sec  4th:   56th VA:   1438.4 sec  5th:   114th IL:    [ » ]

Insurance Explanation Gary Van Kauwenbergh

There are many types of insurance policies.  The ACWSA has always had a general liability policy.  All nonprofit organizations should purchase general liability insurance. General liability policies cover against claims made against the organization by third parties for bodily injury and property damage occurring during our operations.  It does not [ » ]

The History of the ACWSA Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The History ofThe American Civil War Shooting Assn.20 Year Anniversary Gary Van Kauwenbergh, 8/15/2019 This year American Civil War Shooting Assn. (ACWSA) is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  This brief history of our organization commemorates the occasion. The ACWSA did not invent the sport of skirmishing, and to understand its story, [ » ]

The History of the ACWSA

Racine, WI Outreach Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Stephen Sherry gave a presentation on the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry to about 50 Sons of Norway members at their meeting in Racine, Wisconsin on Wednesday, May 16, 2018. The soldiers 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry were ethnically Norwegian, and known as the Norwegian ‘Bear Hunters’.  The presentation was part of [ » ]

15WI Hands-on-History @ K-CWM Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Pards Stephen Sherry and Dan Christensen of the 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry ‘Norwegian Bear Hunters’ hosted a table at a recent Hands-on-History event at the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, WI.  They displayed an assortment of military equipment and promoted the ACWSA. 

15 WI at Kenosha Civil War Expo Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The ACWSA was represented at the 2018 Civil War Museum Expo by Daniel Christiansen and Steve Sherry of the 15th Wisconsin.  It was a good crowd and many people were interested.  Hand brochures were handed out and many individuals expressed the interest in attending our skirmishes at Bristol this summer.