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2022 Appleton Skirmish Stats Gary Van Kauwenbergh

June 4-5, 2022 Appleton Skirmish Results Breechloader Team  1st: 15WI  2nd: 2WI  3rd: 66NCSmoothbore team  1st: 56VA  2nd: 66NC  3rd: 2WI  4th: 15WI  5th: 1USSS  6th: Btry H  7th: 56VA B team Carbine team  1st: 1USSS  2nd: 15WI  3rd: Btry H  4th: 66NC  5th: 2WI  6th: 56VA Musket Team  1st: 2WI  2nd: 1USSS  3rd: ?  4th: ?  5th: ?  6th: ?  

2022 Springfield Skirmish Stats Gary Van Kauwenbergh

April 22-24, 2022 Springfield, IL Skirmish Results SMOOTHBORE TEAM  1st:   66th NC:  505.2 sec  2nd:  56th VA:  834.0 sec  3rd:   2nd WI:   840.0 sec  4th:   46th IL:    894.2 sec  5th:   114th IL:  970.0 sec CARBINE TEAM  1st:   66th NC:  864.4 sec  2nd:  46th IL:   1003.1 sec  3rd:   2nd WI:   1145.6 sec  4th:   56th VA:   1438.4 sec  5th:   114th IL:    [ » ]

2016 Nationals Range Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The first ACWSA nationals will be held at the Chief Wa-Ke’-De range near Bristol, Indiana on June 10 through 12, 2016.  Here are photos of the facility recently taken by Paul Lipka.