2017 Hunting Pix Updates

TurdyPointBuckACWSA Member Sharing their Hunting Pictures

2017 Updates

  • Pat Kaboskey, 215 lb black bear taken with a 1st Model Manard
  • Pat Kaboskey bagged a sheep and pig on a Oklahoma hunting trip.

2016 Updates

  • Dick Hanson (8WI) from Havre, Montana downed both an antelope and a deer with his CW guns.
  • Karen Graff bagged a turkey
  • Roy Nelson bagged his six-pointer with a crossbow
  •  Jim Leinicke slew his deer on the last day he could hunt, and it was only the second deer he saw all season.

2015 Updates.

  • Jim Leinicke (2WI)took his yearling buck with his 1855 Springfield.
  • Alex Kvalheim (2WI reenactor) took a doe opening morning
  • Scott Nelson (2WI alumni) bagged his deer hunting with wife Star.
  • Pat Kaboskey (1USSS) bagged a nubbin buck

Hunting Pictures

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