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Isaac Earl & His Scouts Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The Notorious Isaac Earl and His Scouts, By Cordon L Olson Book report by Gary Van Kauwenbergh The Confederacy had Mosby’s Rangers, but the Union had Isaac Earl and His Scouts. Isaac Earl was a Wisconsin soldier who led a small group of hand-picked Union troops disrupting Confederate operations and illegal [ » ]

Hunting Pictures Gary Van Kauwenbergh

ACWSA Member Sharing their Hunting Pictures Gretta Gearing 2023 buck Gretta Gearing 2015 bear Jim Leinicke bags a 12-pointer with his Mississippi rifle Dick Tessmann copes with the deer infestation at his home near Rhinelander, where we hold our Labor Day skirmish. Rebecca Ortwerth, daughter of Doug Ortwerth (2WI) shot [ » ]

66NC Shoots Perfect Pigeon Board and Tile Events Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The 66NC shot perfect Smoothbore Team Pigeon Board and Hanging Tile events on 9/16/2017 at the skirmish in Bristol, WI.  See video of the Hanging Tiles event at

ACWSA at 2017 School Days in Milton, WI Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Company K, 2nd Volunteer Infantry Associations School Day was held on May 19, 2017 in Milton, WI and the ACWSA hosted one of their 26 different stations.  Stephen Sherry (15WI), Al Bortles (2WI), and Gary Van Kauwenbergh (2WI) manned a table covering Civil War Small Arms.   A record attendance [ » ]

2017 Membership Map Gary Van Kauwenbergh

The official ACWSA roster as of March 14, 2017 has 184 members.   The Michigan region has 93 members spread out over 10 teams.  The Wisconsin/Illinois region has 91 members on its 7 teams.  The scatter diagram below shows where the majority of the membership is located, but not everyone [ » ]

2017 Civil War Expo Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Stephen Sherry and Dan Christensen of the 15th Wisconsin ‘Bear Hunters’ hosted the ACWSA table at the 2017 Civil War Expo at the museum in Kenosha, WI on March 11, 2017.  Visiting the table were Generals Grant, Sherman and Sheridan.  The Old Soldier Fiddlers also performed their ‘All Wisconsin’ show [ » ]

2016 15WI Skirmish Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Photos from the September 2016 skirmish at Bristol, WI hosted by the 15th WI, courtesy of photographer Pam Kirk.

2016 15WI Skirmish Pix

Ashippun School Day Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Pat Kaboskey, Les Knutsen and Gene Hass of the 1st USSS supported a school day and public display in Ashippun, WI on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1

2016 Rhinelander Skirmish Pix Gary Van Kauwenbergh

Photos from the September 2-4, 2016 skirmish hosted by the 8th & 6th Wisconsin Regiments.  Photos courtesy of Stephen Sherry and Pam Kirk.

2016 Rhinelander Skirmish Pix